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Things To Know Before Applying For A Title Loan

A title loan can be an amazing product for financial emergencies. Need extra cash to pay for your bills or medical aid? Use your vehicle to get cash fastly!

Best Secured Car Title Loans in Fresno offer loans between $2,501-$20,000 depending on the vehicle value. We are a trustworthy lending service, providing transparent services. Therefore, we inform our customers about each aspect of a title loan.

Want to apply for a title loan but need more information? Here is a list of things to know before applying.

You must provide car ownership

To get accepted for an auto title loan, borrowers need to own the vehicle. Moreover, there should be no liens on the auto. If the applicant meets the loan requirements, we will take the car title and offer the loan. Throughout the financed period, the borrower can use the car.

Besides the car title, the applicant should have an ID. Our team will analyze the documents and inspect the car. Once all the eligibility criteria are fulfilled, the loan will be approved.

Suitable for short-term purchases

Considering the credit score flexibility, title loans are risky products. Therefore, we have to charge a higher APR in comparison to other products. Our loan agreements are 100% transparent and have no hidden fees.

Each applicant will be informed about the total cost of the loan. Also, we advise our customers to use title loans only for short-term purchases.

You will need a repayment plan

We offer our consumers the possibility to rollover the loan. However, a rollover would increase the loan costs. Therefore, we advise each borrower to have a repayment plan before applying. This will help to keep up with the monthly payments without the necessity of a contract extension.

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